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Workshops and education are based on the group’s repertoire and are led by the dancers who take part in the specific piece that is taught. We put a major focus on understanding the origin of the movement, its story, its relation to the piece, to the character that performs it, and to the music.

The duration of the classes is usually between 90 min- 3 hours.

There are different options for workshops:

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Ways to create – a workshop in choreographing

A workshop with the choreographer Dafi Altabeb focused on the ways she creates. Her origins for creation, the tools she uses in order to invent new material from the dancers she works with. 

Through different exercises, games and improvisation, the dancers will experience sort of a lab of creation through the ways we use in the studio to create our personal, emotional and delicate material.

We will improvise alone, in couples and in groups using very clear instructions, words, connotations, images and dramaturgic instruction.

The class will be built in a way that brings the dancers by it ends to build a small phrase from their experience in the class & this will be presented & discussed in the class.

Photo: Nini Moshe


Details in Movement

A workshop moderated by the choreographer Dafi Altabeb that researches her language in her pieces.

Through several different pieces, studying material from those pieces, we will learn the different, unique language, chosen to each piece and how it relates to the story behind the piece. Dafi Altabeb’s language is characterized by its details.

We will put the focus on those details and how they serve the piece after learning those combinations from 3 different pieces.

Movement lesson for people with no background in movement – will be delivered by Dafi Altabeb and the dancers group. This lesson that does not require previous knowledge in movement, but directs people who want to move, with the help of their own imagination, as well as various images. 

Photo: Nini Moshe

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Lecture Demonstration by Dafi Altabeb

An educational lecture with live presentations from different pieces of Dafi Altabeb

The independent choreographer Dafi Altabeb is leading Lectures with an introduction into her professional dance works and her artistic practices. 

She is  talking about her creation processes in general, the ideas behind it, and how they are interpreted into motion. She presents a video, showing parts of the stage performances. The encounter moves between live demonstrations, videos and explanations by the choreographer and the company dancer / s. 

 This meeting provides a very intimate, deep and enriching experience to the participants.

Photo: Nini Moshe

Dafi talks also about her way of working as an independent artist and sustaining her company within the Israeli as well as international scene of contemporary dance and performance. 

Dafi lead the conversation also towards a personal understanding by students about their own works as choreographers and creators. The students is encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions and ask questions. 

Lecture demonstration can be combined with a workshop/masterclass, led by Dafi Altabeb and her dancers.

Duration of the Encounter:  Between 1 – 2 hours. Can be discussed and set with the host in advance. 

Technical Needs:  Simple Sound System which is connected to a projector / TV

Dance Floor, simple seating options for the audience

Lectures can be held via zoom also.

wall work.jpeg

Wall work

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I will move the world” – Archimedes

A workshop born from the piece “Soon we’ll make lots of love in which we projected in depth the work with a wall as our partner for movement, for shift of weight and contact work.

As a result of this research a workshop was born – "'wall work" similar to "floor work"

We begin the workshop exercising ballet techniques with the wall, continuing by resembling the wall to the floor checking what is the weight we can put on in and what are the movemental possibilities born out of this work with a very steady fulcrum.

Photo: Nini Moshe

Working with the wall enables practice with opposite positions that are interesting and challenging for the body. Many handstands, walking on the wall, roll over, using the floor and the wall together as complementary fulcrums through the connection of our bodies.

Working in couples with the wall develops later on, opening new and fascinating partnering options through using the wall.

Duration of the workshop – 90 minutes- 3 hours

תמונה סדנא למה מוסיקה.jpg

Movement Lessons for Early Childhood Ages 3-6 

There are Several Possibilities and numerous Options:

  • Movement and Creation Lesson: A movement lesson on a variable topic, or a workshop showing the relationship between movement and music, moderated by Dafi Altabeb and the Dancers Group, accompanied by demonstrations.

  • Movement and Creation Lesson: A movement lesson on a variable topic, or a workshop showing the relationship between movement and music, moderated by Dafi Altabeb and the Dancers Group, accompanied with Demonstrations

Photo: Nini Moshe

 Some information on previous workshops

“ Altabeb’s informal/direct character establishes a nice dialog with the children, emphasizing on the role of the music in dancing. Dafi asks them for their opinion, admires their replies and gives her input.

Together we are looking for the our internal music before the outside music starts to color and decorate the movements.......”

At the end of the dance the children added their movements which were performed by all and finalizing  with a free and liberating dance in one of the hottest days in August; proving that the event was set up correctly as well as Altabeb’s ability to reach out and touch the children and their parents, in a light and enjoyable way” (Tal Gordon -Habama)

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