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Women's Aid

By Dafi Altabeb

7 pairs of strong hands

7 lionesses, An invincible strength

One for all and all for one

Premiered in Dance in the wind Festival,2011

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Dancers and creative collaborators: Hadar Younger-Harel, Stav Marin, Merav Dagan, Mor Gur Arie, Chen Nadler, Maayan Gur, Lora Kirshenbaum

Soundtrack: Flora (Liron Meshulam) & Ariel Blumental

Rehearsal Manager: Noa Rosenthal

Light Designer: Uri Rubinstein


"….The women of Altabeb, in front of God, cling to each other – not with despair but with joy with the knowledge that their bonding is thanks to their togetherness.

In these days when religion seems so far away from the Tel-Aviv culture, it's magical to see such a cursive piece of dance that manages to escape from the orientalistic look despite the embroidered dresses.

There is honesty in the work of Altabeb and she expresses authentic feminine strength. This strength comes from the group itself and is not contrary to the power that excluded the group the center to the separate women sector.

Therefore, these are strong women, because they define themselves as one facing the other and not vis a vis men"

(Dana Shalev, December 2011)

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