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Soon We’ll make lots of Love

Length 60 min

A dance piece for 2 men from a woman’s perspective 

Soon we'll go away from here. Soon we'll have a house with a garden. Soon we'll find new jobs.

All the sentences  (and many more) we say to ourselves to improve the present, so that we have something to lean on,

something to rely on,Hope for the future. Something to fantasize and dream about in order to survive – or perhaps overcome? –

the harsh reality in which we live. Through these fantasies, we encounter each participant’s yearnings.

We discover their personal biographies. Soon We’ll Make Lots of Love is about the friendship between them,

about the images they have appropriated over the years. It is about what is considered to be a man in their eyes and what is hidden

deep beneath their solid masculine shells.

Choreography:  Dafi Altabeb

Creative collaborator and photographer:  Nini Moshe

Dancers & Collaborators: Yankalle Filtser & Ilan Golubovich

Artistic Consultant:  Nava Zukerman                                                      

Rehearsal Directors: Olivia Court Mesa & Alon Karniel

Lighting Design: Uri Morag        

Costume Design: Mali Aviv

Music: La Traviata / Verdi - Luciano Pavarotti / My Friends Forest / Nills Frahm / ‘Lavi Oti’ / Shai Tsaberi

Soundtrack Designer:  Reut Yehudai

Text: Nini Mosh ,Yankalle Filtser Ilan Golubovich, Dafi Altabeb

Costume Designer: Mali Aviv

Stage Manager: Tamar Bar Niv  

​International Communications:  Katherina Vasiliadis

Poster Designer: Itamar Tzur

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