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Yankalle Filtser 

is a dancer, a young choreographer, a dance teacher in Israel and abroad and a certified teacher of Gaga. Worked as a dancer with the Batsheva Ensemble, 

Inbal Company and various choreographers. A graduate of The Maslool Training Program in Tel Aviv, the Academy High School for Music and Dance in Jerusalem and the Danceweb Scholarship Program in Vienna. A recipient of scholarships by America-Israel Foundation, Tel Aviv Municipality, Clore Foundation, the Jerusalem Academy for Dance and more. A certified practitioner of the ILM movement method and works as a model for leading fashion brands.

Nitzan Moshe

Nitzan Moshe was born in Israel ’94. 

In 2013, she accomplished a one-year internship with the BatSheva Ensemble Dance Company, where she worked with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Daniel Agami and Sharon Eyal. As a freelancer, Nitzan danced in pieces of several independent Israeli choreographers, among them acclaimed “Girls'', by Roy Assaf. Since 2014, Nitzan has been a member of Vertigo Dance Company, performed works by Noa Wertheim and Sharon Friedman, and worked as an assistant choreographer of Noa Wertheim. In 2019 she relocated to Berlin and since has worked with Kenan Dinkelman, Sita Ostheimer Dance Company and Yotam Peled & the Free Radicals.

Ilan Golubovich 
started dancing for Dafi Dance Group in 2019. He is a guest dancer at the Jerusalem Ballet. In the past he danced for Fresco Dance Company, Kamea Dance Company where he took part in productions by: Nacho Duato, Itzik Galili, Tamir Ginz and Oz Mulay. He Created “Nice 2 Meet” for The Fringe Theatre in Beer-Sheva (2017). He taught company’s workshops for Kamea Dance Company and was a guest teacher at Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva dance school (2016-2017).

Olivia Court Mesa

Olivia Court Mesa is a Chilean-Israeli independent dance artist. Devoted to performance art for the past 20 years, performing, choreographing, improvising  and working for other creators as well. In 2017, she received Israel’s Ministry of Culture Award for “Best solo performer”. She studied contemporary dance and teaching at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Germany. After graduating she worked in Germany with Vera Sander Art Connects and Angulo Alterno (Mexico) companies. She joined the companies MSschrittmacher in the Theater of Oldenburg and then Marco Santi Tanztheater in the Theater of Osnabrück, where she worked with Guy Weizman & Roni Haver, Martin Stiefermann, Marco Santi and Luc Dunberry among others.Since 2010 she has been based in Tel Aviv dancing as a freelancer with various choreographers. She is a Vipassana meditator, studied Ilan Lev method and is a member of the contact improvisation community in Israel. She was born in Santiago, Chile in 1980. She is a Chilean Israeli independent dance artist. At 17 she moved to Germany and studied contemporary dance and teaching at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. She was awarded scholarships to visit the annual summer academy in Kyoto

and from Vivianne Wood (DV8) to finish her studies. After graduating she worked in Germany with Vera Sander Art Connects and Angulo Alterno (Mexico) companies. She joined the companies MSschrittmacher in the Theater of Oldenburg and then Marco Santi Tanztheater in the Theater of Osnabrück, where she worked with Guy Weizman & Roni Haver, Martin Stiefermann, Marco Santi, Luc Dunberry, Massimo Gerardi, Verena Weiss and Antje Rose, among others. Since 2010 she has been based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Yochai Ginton

 After completing the Dancers' workshop in Kibbutz Ga'aton, and The Bikkurei Ha-itim Dance School, Ginaton began working with choreographers: Sally Ann Frilndr, Nima Jaakoby, Sharona Florsheim and Dafi Altabeb. He has also collaborated with the Cameri Theatre and Klipa Theatre in the play

Badenheim." He was a member of the Octet Dance Improvisation Group"and participated in the Improvisation project with Beijing Dance Company.

Marcela Gomez

Born in Santiago (Chile) in 1983, and grew up in Spain. Started working in the theater at the age of fifteen with Josep Alum (Group Theater el Mirall), and performed as part of the group for five years.

In 2001 she began her studies in the Xavier Gratacos school for theater in Barcelona. Gomez studied theater - dance with the Atacama company (with Patrizia Cavola and Ivan Truol), and modern dance with Yasmeen Godder and several other teachers. In 2003, after receiving her diploma in Social Education, she began working as a street artist in Italy. In 2005 Gomez founded Fire Float with Noam Avner, creating different performances and presenting them in various festivals around the world. In 2011 Gomez began to dance with the Dafi  Altabeb for the company.

Roni Bransteter

Dancer & choreographer, Roni has spent the last 3 years in Germany and the Netherlands working with leading dance companies. Currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel, her recent projects include choreography for the Orna Porat theater as well as an original work premiering January 2013.

Alon Karniel

is a dance artist, rehearsal director and teacher based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He holds a BA in art and English literature from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. After completing his studies at the Haifa School for Dance, he went on to dance with Vertigo Dance Company, Noa Dar Dance Group and a range of independent choreographers including Dafi Altabeb, Gil Kerer, Efrat Rubin, Shahar Dor, Anat Yaffe, Leo Lerus and Anat Cederbaum. Karniel is a certified practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method® and has studied anatomy and biomechanics in the context of the Axis Syllabus.

Shaked Leibzirer

Shaked was raised in Tivon, Israel. He trained at the school for dance in Kiryat Tivon and at the department of dance in "Reut" school in Haifa. A recipient of the Keren Sharett scholarship for dance between the years 2004-2010, he also participated in international summer programs including those at Juilliard in New York and NDT in Holland. Shaked served in the army with the status of an excellent dancer, and he danced with Batsheva Ensemble from 2011-2013. He is currently a master student in the department of  mathematics at the Technion in Haifa.

Oryan Yohanan
 Born in Jerusalem 1985. Started dancing at the age of six R.A.D method and later Vaganova method. She graduated from the Jerusalem High School for Music and Dance in 2003 she Won the first prize at the "Mia Arbatova Ballet Competition 2002". Oryan was a principal dancer in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (2006-2010), Artistic director- Rami Be'er. In 2010-2011 she danced in "The Project" company as a main dancer pieces by- William Forsythe "Double\Single", Emanuel Gat "Through the Center", Jacopo Godani "Light Years", Marco Goecke "Supernova", Idan Sharabi "Rak Tamid" and Yoram Karmi "Point of Origin". Since 2011 Oryan work as freelance dancer in Tel Aviv with choreographers such as- Sahar Azimi "Poly Mono Poly" and "Come Feel", Maya Yogel "Fog", Gili Navot "May Contain Nuts", Idit Herman and Clipa Theatre "Forever\Meever", Sharon Vaisvaser "There is a Night Seems White" and "42 Inch", Shlomi Bitton "Fall", Elad Shecter "Alfa Beta", Dana Ruttenberg "Pashariko", Yoni Soutchy "Barvaz" and "Dinner", Javier de Frutos "Mahagony". Oryan Started working with Dafi in 2003 for "Under the Carpet". Oryan is also a choreographer and a multi disciplinary artist. In 2013 she created "Sea-Land" for 12 dancers in Jaffa port. In 2014 she created the piece "No Blood Relation.ever". She also performe meny Improvisation installations in different venous. Oryan teach Ballet, Contemporary, Floor work and Repertoire in many schools and workshops, among them- Jerusalem Academy High School For Music and Dance, Thelma Yelin School of Art, Bikurey Haetim, Yoram Loewenstein Acting School and more.

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Anat Yaffe

Dancer, teacher, choreographer.

Born in 1983, Jerusalem. Graduate of the MDT department of the Theatre School Amsterdam. Danced at the companies: De Meekers (Rotterdam), Vertigo (Israel) and Bat Shevadance company – for "Mitrachatzot" Dancer at the DafiAltabeb dance group since 2010. Danced with the independent choreographers: Donald Bird (Usa), EladShechter (il), Shelly Palmon (Il).

Teacher of modern dance technique , improvisation and contact. 

Sharon cohen

Sharon cohen is Creator dancer and contemporary dance teacher with an emphasis on floor work and improvisation abilities. Deals with creation as an impulse and the

urge to create. Graduate the dancers training program of vertigo dance company. Working as a dancer with vertigo dance company and independent choreographers

like Dafi Altabeb , Oded Ronen , Shlomi Biton and more.

Ahinoam Chai

was born in 1998 in Israel. 

On 2016 she graduated from Thelma Yellin High-School of Arts.

On 2018 She graduated from The Maslool - Professional Dance Program directed by Naomi Perlov and Ofir Dagan.

Since 2018 Ahinoam is a dancer in Dafi Altabeb’s Dance group. In addition, Ahinoam is a dancer in Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater, and preformed in Talia Beck’s piece “Colonia” in Curtain up festival and international exposure 2018. Ahinoam serves in the IDF as an Outstanding Dancer

שרון כהן.jpg

Ofir Yannai

Graduated from the The "Maslool" Professional Dance Program under the artistic direction of: Naomi Perlov, Offir Dagan, While serving the IDF with the “Excellence Dancer” award.
Worked with the choreographers Noa Shadur and Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor. Between 2015-2018 she was a member of the “Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company”. Today Ofir works as a “freelance dancer” with: Rachel Erdos, Inbal Pinto, Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater and Dafi Altabeb.

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