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Never the Less

Length 25 min

An intricate, layered duet, 'Never The Less' is a refined work performed with exceptional skill and sensitivity

Anat Zacharia, Yediot Aharonot, Nov 2012.

'Never The Less' by Dafi Altabeb, two dancers moving as one in harmonious, almost perfect movement, with a shared breath. Vulnerable parts of one body encounter of the other body in a soft and gentle unity of warm, breathing entities, an endless loop. The dancers are excellent and this is a beutiful piece.

Dana Shalev, January 2013

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Co-creator dancers: Olivia Court Mesa, Yochai Ginton / Korina Friaman & Daniel Costa

Costume designer: Ron Glait 

Original Music: Miki Patish, Niko Hafkenscheid, Rotem Bar Or - The Angelcy

Lighting designer: Uri Morag

International Tours:

10 sentidos festival, Valencia, Spain , 2017

 American Dance Festival, ADF (USA 2016)

Seattle international dance festival (USA 2016)

Internationale Tanzmesse Duesseldorf, (Germany 2014)

Les Brigittines Centre d'Art contemporain, Bruxelles, (Belgium 2014) 

Baltic dance festival, Vilnius, (Lithuania 2014)

Isadora dance festival, Siberia, (Russia 2014)

ChangMu International Dance Festival, Seol, (Korea 2013)

Elledanse Festival, Bratislava,  (Slovakia 2013)

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