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Moving for all

no background in dance is needed

To move and exercise we need nothing but ourselves.
Especially in those times when all is so different, it is important to go back to our body and to movement, creating happiness and connections to ourselves.

Therefore I propose to you:
An international virtual platform for non professional dance lovers
We intend to build a group which meets weekly online to move and create together

Why Now?
There is something in this different era that brings us back to ourselves, to what we have, to what there is in us- to our inner us.
Suddenly in order to eat we have to cook our own meals as there are no restaurants to do it for us.
For entertainment there are no cinemas and theaters but books and hand crafts.
To move and exercise we need nothing but ourselves!

What we offer?
We are opening an international class, to join us a 50 min. session.
Classes are entirely donation based and open to 50+ men & women. 

Sundays  at 4pm ( Israel Time).
Wednesdays at 4pm ( Israel Time). 

The sessions will be held via ZOOM. 

To sign up for any of the classes, please fill up this form:

What you can give back:
We will greatly appreciate whatever you can give, if you can, to support us during this period.   
We will be more than grateful to receive any donations if you can afford it.
By donating to this page you are supporting Dafi Dance Company.
for donations in US $
for donations in ₪

Be Safe and Healthy*** and don't stop MOVING.

Dafi Altabeb & Team

Personal note:
I want to take this challenging reality and look at it also as an opportunity to create new spaces to meet, share and learn.
To deepen our skills to adapt and change patterns.
By joining my classes you declare that you are in good shape, and understand the nature of dance activity. You fully accept and assume all responsibility for injury or damage that may result from your participation in the dance class. You release and hold harmless Dafi Dance Company its employees and teachers, other participants with respect to any or all injury or damages arising from the activity to the fullest extent permitted by law.
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