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It's Now It's Never

Length 50 min

A full-length piece for 8 dancers about memory. 9 different memories crossing each other on one stage,

completing a story. ​"just as you can’t step in the same river twice, your memories are changed by the act of recalling them, 

every memory we have, is colored by the times we’ve recollected it before and every time you take a memory off the shelf

in your brain, you put it back just a tiny bit different".

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb 

Co-Creator, Dramaturgy  and Photographer: Nini Moshe

Collaborator Dancers: Kelvin Vu, Shani Tamari-Matan, Aya steigman, Mai Golan, Nir Even- Shoham, Anat Oz, Snir Nakar, Tamara Dekel

Additional collaborators dancers, not performing: Talia Beck, Mika Raveh, Sagie Gurfung

Soundtrack Editors: Reut Yehudai, Gal Hocberg

Music: Messer Chups - Surf Riders From The Swamp Lagoon / It's now or never Elvis Presley / Nils Frahm -Corn / Linda Scott - I've Told Every Little Star / Arvo Part-Fur Alina

​Costumes: Mali Aviv

Light Designer: Uri Morag

Rehearsal managers: Einat Bestlael, Alon Karniel

Performance managers: Tamar Bar Niv

Flyer Designer: Kelvin Vu

International Tours :  Le Brigittine, Brussels, Belgium, August 2019

It’s Now, It’s Never was commissioned by ADF with support from the SHS Foundation and Israel’s Office of Cultural Affairs in Nor

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