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It's Not a Pipe

Length 12 min

You don’t go to a dance performance so the dancers can call out your earrings.

Or your outfit choice. Or your seat selection. But this is exactly how Emory Dance Company’s (EDC) Fall showcase began.....Students performed an array of new works, featuring choreography by Emory Dance professors and Israel Institute Visiting Artist….The women of Altabeb, in front of God, cling to each other – not with despair but with joy with the knowledge that their bonding is thanks to their togetherness.

In these days when religion seems so far away from the Tel-Aviv culture, it's magical to see such a cursive piece of dance that manages to escape from the orientalistic look despite the embroidered dresses.

(Elizabeth Greene)

Creation for 8 dancers 

This piece was created as part of the Israel Institute Visiting Artist program

at Emory University. Atlanta (Georgia). 

Premiered on November 2019

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Creative collaborator and photographer : Nini Moshe

Emory Dance Company: Aryanna Allen, Olivia Browne, Joe Chen, Hayden Hubner,  Henry Kuskoff, Daphne Matyas, Bella Ross, Jinnie Xie.

Music: “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens

International communications: Katherina Vasiliadis 

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