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It Couldn't Have Happened Before

Length 48 min


& then you stop.​

then there is quiet

& you understand

You understand that this person is not hanging on you.

This person is hugging you

She is hugging you in a way that no one hugged you for years.

She just want you to hug her back.

in few more years she is not going to hug you so much.


will hug her

You will need to bag for a hug

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb 

Co-creator and Photographer: Nini Moshe

Collaborator Dancers: Noga Golan & Ady Elzam/Eyal Vizner

Original Music: Niko Hafkenscheid

Additional Music: The Turtles, Happy together

Costume Designer & Production: Ron Glait

Rehearsal Manager: Anna Waisman

Lighting Designer: Uri Morag

"​It ​Couldn’t Have Happened Before, danced and co-created by Ady ​Elzam and Noga Golan, who moves with such an understated grace....."(Nancy ​Wonzy, Arts+Culture)


International Tours:

Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, New Delhi, Kolkata Chandigarh (India tour 2017)

Isadora festival, Krasnoyarsk (Russia 2016)


World premiere - Ararta Museum of modern arts, Saint Petersburg  (Russia 2015)

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