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It All Comes Down to Me

Length 60 min

Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?

״That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,״ said the Cat.

״I don't much care where–״ said Alice.

״Then it doesn't much matter which way you go,״ said the Cat.

״–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,״Alice added as an explanation.

״Oh, you're sure to do that,״ said the Cat, ״if only you walk long enough.

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Created with and performed by: Yankalle Filtser and Nitzan Moshe

Sound design: Reut Yehudai

Musical works: Mozart, Ave verum corpus, K 618 (Víkingur Ólafsson); Velvet Underground and Nico, “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

Featured song: “That’s What Songs Are For” from the piece “Mary Between Us” by Yankalle Filtser (2021).

Created as part of the Ranchom residency program in Los Angeles, California.

Artistic advisor: Natalya O. Mellman. An earlier version of the song was created in the context of a workshop led by Daniel Sun Krief. 

Opening text: From “Play” by Gertrude Stein. Read by Maya Laliberte.

The story about “Sigal”: Anat Ostrover

Artistic advisors: Nava Zukerman, Renana Raz

Lighting design: Uri Morag

Costume design: Omri Alvo

Rehearsal director: Alon Karniel, Olivia Court Mesa

Stage manager: Dana Shoval

Production: Sarit Edri

International communications: Katherina Vasiliadis 

Graphic design and illustration: Micky Matalon

Company partner, video/photography: Nini Moshe

Website Design: Laetitia Boulud

Length: 60 min

Thank you for your generous support: Merle Hoch,  Beth Navon 


International Tours: Theater Der Jungen Welt, Leipzig, Germany 2022

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