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By Dafi Altabeb & Nini Moshe

in collaboration with Niko Hafkenscheid (Belgium)

Premiered in June 2014, Warehouse 2, Jaffa

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb 

Co Creator: Nini Moshe

Collaborator Dancers: Alon Karniel, Olivia Court Mesa & Yochai Ginton

Original Music: Niko Hafkenscheid

Additional Music: Jealousy - Stanley Black & his Orchestra; El Choclo - Orchestra Ensemble; Adios Muchachos - Francisco Canaro

Costume Designer & Production: Ron Glait

Rehersal Manager: Noa Rosenthal

Lighting Designer: Uri Morag



The piece In-Dependent is the poduct of a long - term collaboration with the artist / musician Niko Hafkenscheid. The collaboration began in 2012, at the culmination of Altabeb's last piece "Never the less" .

Hafkenscheid was one of the musicians contributing to the soundtrack of the piece. In 2013 Altabeb, Moshe & Hafkenscheid began their collaboration creating In-dependent. The work process was a collaborative effort between Israeli dance & Belgian music. During this year the creative artists had the opportunity to work with dancers in the studio in Israel on three occasions, in order to maximize their collaborative potential. During Hafkenscheid's visits, he participated in the events of "Creator - curator" Created by Altabeb & Moshe at Warehouse 2 Jaffa, funded by the bistrizki foundation & the Choreographer's association. During the final stage of the creation process Altabeb & Moshe Hosted him in a special performance of 25 years celebration for Suzann Dellal center, there he was invited to give a concert & to play live with the piece Never The Less.     

"Three characters are moving as if in a dream on the stage, asking for each other, for each other's hand. The mouth and eye are filled with cracking words eagerly looking to soar out; about attraction and avoidance; about stepping in track and breaking the conventions; about a search journey and the tension between revelation and tradition; about wondering, hesitating, relying, touching and avoiding, about tenderness and fragile but trusting fluttering.

All this beauty is being woven in a dynamic triangle in which each side is different in substance, color and texture forming together a flexible strong and solid triangle.

The magic of this piece is in the depth and open-heart approach dealing with the complex relationship weaved between the three sides of this triangle, relations that are odysseys by itself".

(Dr. Diti Ronen – Poet)


“..Three dancers, two men and a woman create among themselves endless combinations of equilibrium, mutual support and chain reactions.

A laud for friendship to family intimacy with no sense of irony.

Again and again their bodies combine with each other, for a moment folded into intricacy in a way of a beautiful metaphor in a journey of inner search. The movements in loops time after time lead back to the intrinsic.

Altabeb has the capacity of putting into words a popular movement, the dancers are excellent and there are so many moments of beauty in the binding looks, in blowing the red balloon, in pausing, in the hands raised up in surrender, in the sweat inscribed on the black wall in the depth of the stage….

Altabeb is like a sensitive seismograph that does wave any flutter……..”

(Anat Zecharia, Yediot Achronot 2014)


Baltic dance festival, Vilnius, Lithuania (2014)

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