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High Expectations

By Dafi Altabeb

Reach a peak , conquer it. Place a new step & then lift it up. Exhaust myself in order to feel.


Premiered in Intimadance Festival June 2011

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Dramaturgy: Nini Moshe

Dancers and creative collaborators: Olivia Court –Mesa & Roni Brendsteter

Costumes Designer: Rosalind Noctor

Soundtrack: Maria Callas - Romeo & Julieta - Je Veux Vive Dans Ce Reve

Rehearsal manager: Noa Rosenthal

Light Designer: Uri Rubinstein


"The small and human scream of one dancer as they both fall again on the floor,  is an admission to a certain incapacity. An interesting approach, straight forward and well done."

(Gabi Eldor, Ha'Bama, July 2011)

This is one of Altabeb's best works.

(Ruth Eshel, Ha'Aretz,  July 2011)


Ballet Preljocaj - Pavillion Noir Centre Chorégraphique National ​ ​Aix-en-Provence​, ​ (France 2013)

ChangMu International Dance Festival, Seol, (Korea 2013)

Elledanse Festival, Bratislava,  (Slovakia 2013)


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