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A few words from Dafi:

While on tour, I started thinking again about the meaning of "home".

While missing our families, friends and neighbors, clear sensations of what is  defining home for me, is getting more layers and meanings.


Nothing is black or white;  the combination of being with your nuclear family, your partners of creation and spending time on research in movement, created feelings of home to me.

It brings me back to the movie we made this year "when R U coming back home". For me, HOME is not a specific place that I live in, though it very much brings up many emotions of Home. Home is where I take myself with me. Funny to think like that, but as we were exploring so much in our new creation "It all comes down to me", it's all in me; it's all you, it's all in us.

There is no place to search for new happiness, different interests, alternative "better" homes. make it better to yourself and carry it with you everywhere.

I wish you for the new year to search and find everything within you,

It's all there!

It all comes down to you....


We are looking forward to hopefully meeting you soon around the world, for performances, workshops and other creative events and meetings. 

June 2023


A workshop with Dafi Altabeb

for dance lovers 50+

no background in dance is needed

Moving for all continue developing our special group and meeting every Sunday.

We are looking forward to meeting in person in Summer 2022 in New York.

Nursing home outreach during Covid 19 period.

In August 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, we decided to do the impossible and have a performance in the Mish’an senior living home in Givatayim. The Coronavirus crisis placed the elderly at the highest risk and imposed on them curfew and isolation. Our aim was to create for them an hour of pleasure, of togetherness . We came with love and compassion, we came to hear how they are - and so it was. Choreography by Dafi Altabeb Co-creator: Nini Moshe Creative dancers: Yankalle Filtser & Ilan Golubovich Video by Nini Moshe

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