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Upcoming Events & News 

May 5th 2021 Wednesday 18:00

Soon we'll make lots of love

By Dafi Altabeb & Nini Moshe

Creative dancers: Yankalle Filtser & Ilan Golubovich

Special performance at Beit Tami (Kalisher 5 Tel Aviv)

Free Entry!!!

You're welcome to join us!


April 27th 2021 19:30 Germany 20:30 Israel

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a Real Time Story Telling - An Artistic Exchange between

Dafi Altabeb (Israel) and Diego De La Rosa (Spain/Germany)

I am in Israel – You are in Germany. We never met before.

The only option to meet right now is over the screen. 

I will be starting to write a story to you.

You will be continuing it. 

I will create one sentence – then you will create one sentence.

 We will be taking turns. 

Our dialogue will be expressed through writing, speaking and movement.

At this point, no one of us knows what story will be born.

Pingpong eflyer Logo.jpg

Nursing home outreach during Covid 19 period.

In August 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, we decided to do the impossible and have a performance in the Mish’an senior living home in Givatayim. The Coronavirus crisis placed the elderly at the highest risk and imposed on them curfew and isolation. Our aim was to create for them an hour of pleasure, of togetherness . We came with love and compassion, we came to hear how they are - and so it was. Choreography by Dafi Altabeb Co-creator: Nini Moshe Creative dancers: Yankalle Filtser & Ilan Golubovich Video by Nini Moshe

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Sunday & Wednesday

4:00 pm (Israel)


A workshop with Dafi Altabeb

for dance lovers 50+

no background in dance is needed

10am - 11am (New York)

7am - 8am (L.A)

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