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Sensitivity To Heat

By Dafi Altabeb & Nini Moshe

Commisioned by the Napoli theatro festival

I, in matters of sensitivity to heat I don’t have any. I can hold a scorching hot cup in my bare hands and it would feel pleasant.I shower in a steaming hot water, any less and it would feel lukewarm. Everything about me has always and ever been about feelings, extreme feelings.Everything in me goes through a strainer of emotions, through gut feelings, smell and touch.I love to touch with full intent, to intensely embrace to passionately kiss; even when I give a friendly tap on the shoulder I do it with strong intent,Otherwise, it would feel devoid of meaning.Is there anyone who doesn't need touch?For me it’s the air I breathe, without it I drain.

World Premiere in June 2012 in "Napoli Theatro Festival"

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Co creator & Dramaturgy: Nini Moshe

Dancers and creative collaborators: Olivia Court –Mesa,

Ran Ben Dror, Marcela Gomez, Yochai Ginton, Roni Brendshteter, Merav Dagan

Costume designer: Rosalind Noctor

Soundtrack: Itamar Tzor

Rehearsal & performance manager: Noa Rosenthal

Lighting Designer: Omer Sheizaf

Artistic Consultion: Nava Zukerman & Shlomo Plessner

photography: Nini Moshe


"Sensitivity to heat" on stage in Pausilion theatre, an unconventional performance, unexpected. Based on famous operas that received a new interpretation by the choreographer Dafi Altabeb...If this was presented in the early 20th century it would have been called futuristic.

The show is a journey through feelings, through the symbolism engraved in every little gesture, through dialogues and movements of the dancers, breaking the forth wall and shading parts of themselves... An unusual choreographic patterns, needs, passions and desires. A choreography that leaves the human soul exposed."

(Giuliana Loperto June 2012).


International Dance Festival – Seoul (Korea​ 2014)

Napoli Theatro Festival, Napoli, (Italy 2012)

Ravelo Music Festival, Ravelo, (Italy 2012)

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