Niko Hafkenscheid

Hafkenscheid (1977) is a musician, composer and a performance artist from Brussels. He creates music for films, theater and contemporary dance pieces. Hafkenscheid performs all over Europe and has collaborated with the American choreographer Meg Stuart. He has spent the last two years exploring the meaning of music and its relationship to contemporary performance art.

Yoav Ilan

Pianist, Composer.
Composes original music for Theatre, Contemporary Dance and Films. Currently Touring Europe as a concert pianist. 
Released 2 Solo Piano Albums:

2012 “Intimate Preludes For Piano” (An Album of improvisation, inspired by Contact Dance)
2013 “Stories Without Words”

Creator of the “Yoav Ilan Piano Method” for learning and improvising the Piano. Based on releasing the mind and finding a simple connection to our natural musicality, our imagination, body, inner Rhythm, our breath.