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It's Now It's Never

just as you can’t step in the same river twice, your memories are changed by the act of recalling them, every memory we have is colored by the times we’ve recollected it before, and every time you take a memory off the shelf in your brain, you put it back just a tiny bit different. 

Choreography: Dafi Altabeb 

Dramaturgy, Co-Creator and Photographer: Nini Moshe

Collaborator Dancers: Molly Kennedy, Spencer Grossman, Gianina Casale, Audry Johnson, Colleen Hendricks,

Andreina Insausti, London Brison, Tarik O'meally

Music editor: Asaf Ashkenazy

Additional Music: Love me tender - Elvis Presley, Fur Alina 1976 - Arvo Part, Yarayeh - Rachid Taha

Costume Designer: John Brinkman

Lighting Designer: David Ferri

Its Now, Its Never was commissioned by ADF with support from the SHS Foundation and Israel’s Office of Cultural Affairs in North America.

Additional support provided by The Israel Center of the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill.

Premiered on July 2016 Commissioned by the American Dance Festival. 

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