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  • Visiting artist (The Israeli Institute Program) - Emory University

  • "It's not a pipe" A new creation for 8 dancers, commissioned by Emory University USA.

  • "Soon we'll make lots of Love", Men's duet. (60 Min)              

  • "Its Now.Its Never", Belgium, Brussels, Brigittines International Festival


  • “Fight or Flight” Creation for 13 dancers commissioned by the American Dance Festival. USA.

  • "IT'S NOW. IT'S NEVER" receives the Israeli Ministry of Culture

      Excellence Award for ensemble performance 2018


  • “It Coudn't Have Happened Before”, India: Kolkata, Chandigarh, New-Delhi.                   

  • "Never the Less”, in collaboration with Mach-Ek, 10 Sentidos Festival, Valencia spain. 


  • "Its now. Its never", world premiere in the American Dance Festival (NC)

  • “Never The Less”, American Dance Festival (NC)

  • “Never the Less”, Seattle international dance festival

  • “It couldn’t have happened before”, Isadora festival, Russia



  • World premiere of “It couldn’t have happened before” in Ararta museum of modern arts, Saint Petersburg-Russia

  • Les Brigittines- Residency for 2 weeks with the Israeli cast if “It couldn’t have happened before”



  • Baltic Dance Festival – Vilnius (Lithuania): with "Never the Less" & "In-Dependent".

  • Les Brigittines Festival – Brussels (Belgium): with "Never the Less".

  • Tanzmess Festival – Dusseldorf (Germany): With "Never the Less".

  • International Dance Festival – Seoul (Korea): with "Sensitivity to Heat".



  • Elledanse Festival – Bratislava (Slovakia): with "Never the Less" & "High Expectation".

  • International Dance Festival – Guayong (Korea): with "Never the Less" & "High Expectation".

  • Ballet Preljocaj Venue - Aix-en-Provence (France): with High Expectation".



  • Napoli Arts Festival – Napoli (Italy): premiere of "Sensitivity to Heat".

  • Music Festival – Ravelo (Italy): with "Sensitivity to Heat".

  • Brazil Tour – venues at Salvador & Sao-Paolo: with "out of a second choice", "Under the Carpet" & "High Expectations"

  • Florence (Italy): with "High Expectations".



  • Out of Choice" & "Under the Carpet" Modern Dance Festival – Guang-Gue (China) "



  • "Scratching the Ends" "No Ballet Competition" – (Germany)

  • "Scratching the Ends" The International Choreography Festival – (Portugal)  won the "Best Performance" prize of the festival.

  • "Scratching the Ends" The International Choreography Competition – Hanover (Germany)  ".

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