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Dafi Altabeb

Dafi Altabeb is the recipient of the 2012, 2013 & 2016 Excellence Award for young choreographers from the Israeli Ministry of Culture, the Israeli Ministry of Culture performance award for 2018 ensemble with the piece “It’s Now. It’s Never”. She received the 2014 Rozenblum Award for Excellence from the Municipality of Tel-Aviv. Altabeb graduated from the "Kibutzim Collage of Education" with a B.Ed. and Teaching Diploma specializing in composition and EW Movement Notation. Altabeb started her career as a choreographer in 2005, creating works for "Intimadance" and “Gvanim” festivals and later she participated in "Curtain Up" and "International Exposure". Altabeb’s pieces are being performed in major venues in Israel and abroad: ADF Festival (USA) Internationale Tanzmesse Dusseldorf (Germany), Les Brigittines Centre d'Art Contemporain (Belgium), Chang Mu International Dance Festival (S. Korea), Ballet Preljocaj - Pavillion Noir (France), "Guang-Gue Modern Dance Festival" (China) and "Viva Dance Festival" (Brazil) to name a few. In 2012 she was commissioned by the "Napoli Theater Festival" (Italy) to create a new piece for 6 dancers that was premiered in an archaeology site. In 2014 Altabeb was commissioned to create the choreography for “Stranger”, a new Israeli film directed by Tova Asher. Altabeb is the artistic director of Dafi Dance Company and works collaboratively with Nini Moshe, her life partner. Dafi Dance Company is supported by The Dance Division of the Israeli Ministry of Culture, The lottery council, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tel Aviv Municipality and The Rabinovich Foundation. Altabeb creates for dance departments in Israeli high schools and teaches composition and repertoire workshops for dance students and professional dancers in Israel and abroad. 



Nini Moshe is a multidisciplinary professional filmmaker, writer, director, editor and cinematographer. He graduated from Beit – Berl School of arts, at the film department. He works for high-end projects in the Israeli film industry as a cinematographer and editor. His latest project as a cinematographer: “To his eyes only- the politics of the Mosad” directed & produced by Amit Goren.

He is currently working on a full-length feature film script about a boyhood journey to Sodom mountain questing Lot’s Wife Pillar. He is the Director of Dafi Dance Company and a co-creator in the company’s pieces. In 2012 Moshe and Altbeb created their first full-length piece "Sensitivity to Heat". The piece was commissioned to premiere at The Dance and Theater Festival in Naples (Italy), and at the Ravello Music Festival (Italy). Since then they continued collaborating, creating the company’s pieces together.  

Nini Moshe

The company

Dafi Dance Company currently holds 14 freelance dancers – each performing in one or more of the group’s 5 running pieces. The group is performing through the years all around Israel & abroad.

Alongside the performances, the group holds workshops in Israel and around the world: Master classes, repertoire classes, yearly workshops for professional dancers, beginners & high school students.

In 2012 Altabeb & the group were commissioned by the Napoli theater festival in Italy, to premier a full length piece in an archaeological site in Napoli. A special stage was built to the premiere "Sensitivity to Heat" that was based on a famous Italian and French operas.


The company is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture, Tel Aviv Municipality, The Rabinovich Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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